SPM Chemistry Set 1E

  1. When a mixture of carbon and copper(II) oxide is heated strongly
    1. I the oxide ion loses two electrons.
    2. II the oxidation number of carbon increases from 0 to +4
    3. III the copper(II) oxide acts as the reducing agent.
    4. IV the copper(II) ion accepts two electrons
  2. The chemical equation shows the decomposition of a copper(II) nitrate salt.
    2Cu(NO3)2 à 2CuO + 4NO2 + O2
    What is the volume of nitrogen dioxide, NO2 gas at room condition if 0.2 mol of Cu(NO3)2 salt is heated.
    [Molar volume = 24 dm3 mol-1 at room conditions]

    1. 1.2 dm3
    2. 2.4 dm3
    3. 4.8 dm3
    4. 9.6 dm3
  3. Table below shows the electron arrangement of atom P and atom Q.
    Atom Electron arrangement
    P 2.8.2
    Q 2.8.7
  4. Element P reacts with element Q to form a compound. Which of the following is not true about the reaction?
    1. Atom P donates 2 electrons.;
    2. Atom Q receives 1 electron.
    3. PQ2 compound is formed.
    4. The forces of attraction between the particles in the compound formed is weak.
  5. Effective collision is the collision where
    1. its energy is less than the activation energy and with correct orientation
    2. has a low energy
    3. its energy is equal to the activation energy
    4. its energy is greater than the activation energy with the correct orientation
  6. Table below shows the substances used to study the rate of reaction between marble and nitric acid.
    Experiment Substance
    I Excess marble and 50 cm3 of 0.2 mol dm-3 nitric acid
    II Excess marble and 100 cm3 of 0.1 mol dm-3 nitric acid

    Which of the following graphs represents the two experiments?

  7. A student wants to make her ring more beautiful and durable. What is the best way to do it?
    1. Brush the ring with sandpaper
    2. Wash the ring with detergent
    3. Plate the ring with silver
    4. Immerse the ring in acid
  8. Diagram below shows the set-up of apparatus to investigate the effect of heating on a salt.

    Which of the following is true about the salt?

    1. Nitrogen dioxide gas is liberated
    2. Carbon dioxide gas is liberated
    3. Lead(II) oxide is formed
    4. The black residue is formed
  9. The aircraft tyres are made from vulcanized rubber What property of vulcanized rubber makes it suitable to be used for making these aircraft tyres?
    1. It can take the tremendous stress and strength
    2. It is harder and stronger
    3. It resist to the oxidation
    4. It can maintain their elasticity
  10. The diagram shows a reaction between copper metal and silver nitrate solution.

    Which of the following is true?

    1. Copper is oxidised
    2. Brown solid deposited on copper
    3. Blue colour of solution turns
    4. Oxidation number of silver increases 0 to +4
  11. Diagram below below shows the molecular formula of two cleaning agent, X and Y.
    Cleaning agent X: CH3(CH2)14COONa
    Cleaning agent Y: CH3(CH2)11OSO3Na
    What statement about X and Y is correct?


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